You must use a native mixer program to unmute appropriate channels, for example alsamixer from the alsa-utils package. The alsamixer came back with a command not found though. What player are you using? This module supports system beeps, some kind of PCM playback and even a few mixer controls. The previous thread title has been changed because there were other discussions that are of different focus and I thought those matters required a separate thread title. Can’t locate module sound-slot-0 modprobe: Having trouble installing a piece of hardware?

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Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_SND_ALS Avance Logic ALS

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When no hotplug fw loader is available, you need to load the firmware via vxloader utility in alsa-tools package. This module supports multiple devices.

Note that you must install “alsa-libs” first. So far it’s been challenging but overall really cool.

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Anonymous Cowardoverseer and 11 guests. I adjusted the volume up but even after a reboot can’t get any sound Hash tables configured established bind Linux IP multicast router 0. This module supports system beeps, some kind of PCM playback and even a few mixer controls.


To enable the auto-loading of multiple cards, specify the number of sound cards in that option.

Release 4.13 sound/pci/als4000.c

I don’t see Sxxalsa I have the same sound card and it works like a charm with me So getting it working on your box shoulden’t be a problem. Lknux bus-master transmits and whole-frame receives. SCSI subsystem driver Revision: The driver provides the auto-detection of known problematic devices, but some might be unknown or wrongly detected.

aals4000 Port Client name Port name There are two ways of getting Linux drivers to work, you can either compile them into the kernel or build them separately as modules. C Netfilter core team PCI: If dma2 is specified and different from dma1the card will operate in full-duplex mode. Module has no enable and index options.

Using configuration type 1 PCI: The default index value of this module is -2, i. When dma2 is equal with dma1the driver works as half-duplex. Visit the following links: This module is aliased as snd-cs since it provides the old snd-cs functionality, too.


The consumer part is not used with all Envy24 based cards for example in the MidiMan Delta siree. Found IRQ 11 for device Also, in the system log there are repeated entries stating: Okey, I see that an script called “alsasound” is there. Having a problem logging in?

CONFIG_SND_ALS4000: Avance Logic ALS4000

Page 1 of 2. In this example, the interwave card is always loaded as the first card index 0 and ens as the second index 1. Remember this is a last resort, and should be avoided as much as possible Copy or symlink the file appropriately if you get an error regarding firmware downloading after upgrading the kernel.