DataDirect Spy passes calls issued by a running application to an underlying JDBC driver and logs detailed information about those calls, information you can use for troubleshooting problems. When set to 0 the initial default , the trace file is appended. In this example, tracing is enabled and trace information is logged in a file named odbctrace. Once DataDirect Spy logging is enabled for a connection, you can turn on and off the logging at runtime using the setEnableLogging method in the com. Returns the total number of command executions that failed for any reason since the process started. The HP-UX version of ivtestlib however, requires the full path. They provide explanations for the referenced text to help you understand the content of your own Pool Manager trace files.

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When you make an HTTP connection to an unknown site a site whose certificate is not signed by a certificate authority known to your browserdatadirecr browser can prompt you for confirmation. The data provider traces the input arguments to all of its public method calls, as well as the outputs and returns from those methods anything that a user could potentially call.

For example, you may want to direct logging to a local file on your machine. Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the maximum pool size, 10 connections, a connection is closed and discarded from the pool.

The idle connection is closed and discarded from the pool. Some users may find that using static methods on the data provider’s Trace sequelinkk to be a more convenient way to enable tracing.


For more information, refer to the connection string information in the SequeLink Developer’s Reference. To disable tracing, call setTracing false on the connection.

SequeLink API Bridges

Specifies the path and name of the trace file. The SSL handshake guarantees that the site it received the certificate from knows the private key that corresponds to the public key in the certificate.

Connect any application to any data source anywhere.

I’m downloading my applet from a Web server, but I cannot connect to any of my available SequeLink servers. The Rowset Viewer also displays any error information datadirecy the data provider. NET Framework Redistributable 1. To create a trace log, turn on tracing, start the ODBC application, reproduce the issue, stop the application, and turn off tracing. Your browser would then intercept this forged applet, because it is not signed by a trusted software publisher.

Powerful Sequelink JDBC Driver

Installation, User’s Guide, and Sqeuelink. Couldn’t connect to ‘ Security Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed ADO. The data provider’s counters are located in the Performance Monitor under a category name, sequeink example, SequeLink. The Performance Monitor PerfMon utility in the Windows operating system allows you to record application parameters and review the results as a report or graph.

The server component must be SequeLink Server 4. NET data provider installs a set of PerfMon counters that let you tune and debug applications that use the data provider. It attempts to load a specified ODBC driver and prints out all available error information if the load fails.


SequeLink® Client for JDBC Quick Start

DataDirect Spy passes calls issued by a running application to an underlying JDBC driver and logs detailed information about those calls, information you can use for troubleshooting problems. The originating host is the machine which provides the classes and may be the host from where the HTML page was accessed or the host specified in the codebase parameter in the applet tag.

Once connected, a prompt will appear. How do I convert it to DER format? All parameters in the DataDirect Test configuration file can be customized, but the most commonly configured parameters are:.

Select the Concatenate check box to see the Java code of all previous actions; otherwise, only the Java code of the last action will be shown. Value is the hash code of an object appropriate to the individual function calls. You can register a JDBC driver in any of the following ways:.

You can also use Performance Monitor to identify the number and frequency of CLR exceptions in your applications. Creating a trace log is particularly useful when you are troubleshooting an issue. Connection pooling allows connections to be reused rather than created each time a connection is requested.