A Chapter2 Operating Principles The figure below shows carriage mechanism. In contrast, printers use subtractive primary colors magenta, cyan, and yellow. U Head Cleaning 1. Remove the document cover and upper case. Before performing this adjustment, be sure to perform “VH Setting” Refer to section 4. Internal Wiring of the Motor Rev. Checked, Not necessary Is the inside of the unit free of dust?

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The transmission section, which follows the photosensitive section, also is illustrated simply in terms of capacitance. The absorber in the printer enclosure is needed to be replaced with new one by a service person.

Epson Perfection Scanners

Reference Table Continued Ref. The parameter n indicates the value of the line counter in the information block. The use of white and black standards in performing this type of conversion is referred to as “shading correction. Lubrication Points Rev. Byte sequence 1-pass scanning Monochrome: Therefore, this adjustment should be made when the following service is made: As a result, a part of line which is overlapped consists of different browse with different scwnner.


Epson Expression Scanners

Remove the FFCs scanndr with ferrite core from the lower case. The sensor receives the following control signals: The photoelectrically converted signal charges are stored in the capacitors. Following explains the print heads. This motor is not only used as a power source for paper feed mechanism but also used as power source for pump mechanism which is necessary for the print head cleaning.

Refer to the IEEE specification: Also, since these print head is driven by frequency Removing the Carriage Assembly Rev.

NO i Connect cables I Is the problem solved? Refer to Section 3.

The scanner ignores the command or parameter. Pump Mechanism Power Transmission Process The process of conveying the motive power to the paper eject roller by rotating the pinion of PF motor is shown in figure Move the carriage assembly over ecanner thickness gauge.

Check movement of the ASF hopper visually.

Ink Tube Routing Rev. Printing Inspection Envelope CL. By using this method, it becomes possible to supply constant and stable torque to the motor.


Check if the PF motor cable is connected. Paper Pick Up Mechanism [3. In these case of signals, twist pair line is used and returning side is connected to Signal GND.

Epson Expression Scanners

Paper Feed Mechanism Rev. Byte counter The byte counter indicates the number of data bytes that follow the information block. Status is returned to the host computer when requested with the status request command ESC F.

Details of subsequent image processing may be found in Section 2. Letter [Width mm 8. Disconnect connectors FFC and lamp connectors. Forward Overlap-Nozzle and backward Overlap -Nozzle are described in the [1.