And I will be eagerly awaiting the forthcoming ESP for the next review of their gear. SoundForge was basically the same set up and away I go. I then tried it with Acid Pro 4. One thing I have’t test yet is it’s midi capabilities. I put many hours on thsi card so far without much problems so far, and I look forward to putting many more on it as well as another in the near future.

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If you want to move into pro audio territory, but need something better than a game card trying to turn into a pro card, the Waveterminal M is worth checking out.

Ego Systems/ ESI-Pro Waveterminal M @ Doctor Audio

Make sure to click in the EWDM driver menu option. So far, the drivers for this card have proven stable, fast and reliable. My DAW is not cutting edge. The set up for ASIO was straight forward and without problems. Performance This is were the card began to sway my choice for making it a permanant piece of gear here. I then tried it with Acid Pro 4. They’re probably the South Korean equivalent to M-Audio, though some of their stuff is even better and more affordable. This however did not happen with the updated drivers.

It’s the best place to get full explanations on their audio cards and software drivers. Their implementation of the WDM driver spec is the best performing that I have seen in any of the dozen or so devices I have played with in my life.


Apprantly this card can do some great stuff with software based midi instruments. It also comes with software called directwire. They also make firewire and usb based audio tools.

ESI WaveTerminal 192M

The analog inputs and outputs can be found on a sturdy, well built breakout box which also has two phantom powered TRS inputs which are right beside pr 4 unbalanced inputs. He has a usb based midi keyboard hooked up, and was playing away. The only drawback I see on ESI is they are not really rushing at all to develop 64 bit drivers even that lots of folks at the ESI forum requested this update being this a must. Big thing, I’m quite happy about it.

You can hook up condensor mikes if needed. And I will be eagerly awaiting the forthcoming ESP for the next review of their gear. According to the sales rep, it can load huge mdid samples directly of the hard drive instead of having to load them into ram first.

The digital portion of the interface was as well flawless.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m looking at this card as a Video Editor looking for great Audio to mix into my features, though it seems to meet the needs of people wanting to go into home recording, but looking for something lots better than the soundblaster and more ei than other 10track cards.

This is an issue I am sure will be resolved easily.


ESI WaveTerminal M – Recording Tips

And the midi was spot on and kept up nicely even when sending out all 16 channels with a fully loaded symphony going to one of my external synths. It has a main ESI chip along with 4 dsp chips.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. This card featurewise sits between an Audiophile and one of the higher end cards like the or the Terratec EWS They make private label stuff for alot of companies as well as their own audiotek line.

ESI probably writes the best drivers out there, and Wwaveterminal never had any problems with any of their drivers. Set-up Setting up all my software to use the Waveterminal was again a very simple task.

Installation Installing the main card and the daughter card was a nice simple task, fit was good and the mate up nicely. Im not sure how may cards do this?

It gives setup examples of several popular windows sound programs, including SoundForge and Sonar. Peter, I’ve had no problems with lock up issues with the Wamirack24 at all, but then I am only using S4.

The newer drivers come with ESI’s own uninstaller.