Also, does -expandproperty not work for recipients? Do you suggest any script so that on daily basis i can receive message tracking report of my user. Gateway report transfer in. Marked as answer by Rami Mansour Tuesday, November 10, Contains the Internal-Message-Id value of the message that’s being forked. The number of delivery receipts or of NDRs exceeded a threshold and the reports were deleted.

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Sign in to vote. How can i see the email is successfully delivered to the next smarthost? On other events, it is blank. Read about this change in our blog post. How can I make it show real recipients email address.

A delivery receipt or an Trackign was sent through a gateway.

The event source was Shadow Redundancy. Indicates that replication has been halted for the passive copy. Primary address of the originating mailbox, if known.

I should also note the new system is an entirely new Windows domain as well. Marked as answer by Rami Mansour Tuesday, November 10, The outgoing message was successfully transferred.


The e-mail address specified in the Sender: This value is constant for the lifetime of the message.

Searching Message Tracking Logs by Sender or Recipient Email Address

EventData I can also tell this was the First hop in the Org. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We have turned off all rules but still have the same results. Multiple email addresses are separated by the semicolon character.

I have a list of mailboxes that I sojrce to find the total sent and received on a particular day.

Searching Message Tracking Logs by Sender or Recipient Email Address

This field isn’t important in on-premises Exchange organizations. A message was delivered to a mailbox. For more information, see Inbox rules. I think your client should invest rsults a system, perhaps a job ticketing system, where customer correspondence is logged automatically and that has the reporting capabilities he desires.

A unique identifier for a row in the in the message tracking log.

Choose the type you’d like to provide: Comments Thanks paul — nice article…. These are the Event-ID field above. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Apart from these, I found other user mailboxes sending out emails to other users on the domain as well as out to the internet, but the users claim they never sent any such messages! The store driver successfully delivered a message logged by store driver.


I appreciate your help! This parameter limits the number of results that are displayed by the search. The internal-message-id of a message stoeedriver different in the message tracking log of every Exchange server that’s involved in the transmission of the message.

I reesults run this script: You need to be clearer in your problem statement. Hi Paul, Iam looking for a script to count how many users read particular email.