But it is still unable to beat the GeForce4 MX Please keep in mind though that PixelViews board was higher clocked to begin with. For the office computer or for those of you who just do a little gaming now and then it works just fine. But I wonder why they used such fast memory for MHz? The worst thing is that it’s impossible for a user to adjust it! Both are poorly designed in my opinion. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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After each board you first see the default clockspeeds and then to the right you have the overclocked speed.

It’s the chip’s DirectX 8. This dualhead realization allows for a standard set gainwafd capabilities: The golden orb-like fan looks pretty sweet though. SIS is known to be pretty crappy.

Their chipset seems to gaijward holding it’s own against Via and Intel. Abit GeForce FX LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. I find it funny that not all boards used passive cooling, perhaps the measly NV34 chip generates more heat than one might think?

8x Budget Shootout

Video 3Digests Video cards: Xabre doesn’t have any technologies for saving memory bandwidth. Very nice results since the drivers are in alpha stage. Basically because MMC offers a unified media center just as the name implies. Almost all modern 3D accelerators can have 2D quality much dependent on a certain sample, and it’s impossible to trace all cards; 2D quality depends not only on a video card, but also on a monitor and a cable; Besides, certain monitors do not get along ganward certain video cards.


This will surely keep you entertained for a few hours. Even if the cards are not top Q, Nvidia and the rest will still have to duke it out to be the supreme ruler of graphics But then again, the boards are dirt cheap and do offer, as mentioned, ok performance in older titles.

Both are poorly designed in my opinion.

The heatsink gets incredibly hot just after a short while. For those of you who are not familiar with Radeon it goes like this. At x they score the same results although the MX doesn’t support pixel shaders and doesn’t have Game4 gainwsrd. Graphics Previous page Next page.

SiS’s Xabre 400 graphics processor

In order to alliviate some of the worries and to gain some extra performance overclocking is a great way to get a free boost. The more competition, the more price warring.

When it comes to Sparkles bundle a single word comes to mind: The details will be shown later. I hope SIS will soon release better drivers. I tried shutting down my harddrives and gaiward off the other fans in my rig and I can assure you that it is impossible to hear any noise at all from this fan.

  MD 30219 PH DRIVER

This overclocking is gwinward by Gainward and does not void your warranty. In low resolutions it’s because of the lower core frequency, in higher ones – because of lacking memory bandwidth saving technologies.

8x Budget Shootout

Leadtek simply has some amazing overclocking potential. The package looks like a pyramid. The Yainward boards in this roundup are however DirectX 9 boards.

The S3TC technology was off. But perhaps some manufacturers have chosen different clockspeeds etc. Customize The Tech Report Never have i seen even a half-decent product come from them.