Page cleaning computer screen cleaning keyboard online help cleaning mouse opening creating startup diskette BIOS Setup utility defragmenting computer case deleting files suggested schedule using Scheduled Task Wizard parallel port virus protection system board connector memory PC Doctor installing PCI expansion slots replacing ports slots Software Support Tools Install the new power supply into the case, then rotate the power supply retention clip toward the power supply. Gateway Micro Tower Case Remove the thumbscrew using a screwdriver, coin, or your fingers. Adding or Replacing Components Remove the retention thumbscrew that secures the card retention cover to the case. Tutoring For help on using hardware or software that came with your Gateway computer, contact Gateway’s fee-based tutorial hotline: Diskette drive Eject button Activity light www.

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Replacing The Hard Drive Use the following descriptions to identify the style of your computer case.

Gateway E-4000 User Manual

All equipment facilities installed on Gateway E are listed below. Desktop To Tower Conversion Chapter 1: Page Insert the left-side bezel tab into the slot on the left side of the computer case, then swing the right side of the bezel in, towards the case, until the right-side bezel release tab locks into place.


Push the add-in card retention cover inward. Using Drives And Multimedia Summary of Contents for Gateway E Page 3: To replace a hard drive: The system performance changes.

AirLancer Nuc Compatible with: Using Esupport Contact Us tab The Contact Us tab contains links to technical support with a live technician, including chat and e-mail. Troubleshooting To access the gateway.


You must be Search connected to the Internet to search for and access these topics. Backing Up Files Take a guided tour of the eSupport site To see an overview of the eSupport Web site, click. Type the keyword defragmenting in the HelpSpot Searchthen click the arrow. You gatewayy slightly seesaw the card end-to-end to help insert the card, but do not bend the card sideways. Pin 1 on the diskette drive.

Gateway e Manuals

Page Gateway 4-bay Small Form Factor case Insert the three lower bezel tabs into the gatweay on the bottom of the computer case. Preventing Static Electricity Discharge The telephone must be gafeway connected to a telephone jack and cannot be connected to your computer Reference Data This chapter covers information about your system board and its features.

Page Gateway Mid Tower Case Remove the retention thumbscrew that secures the card retention cover to the case, then flip the add-in card retention cover open.


Changing Advanced Power Settings Page Chapter 8: Accessories Accessories Gateway offers various accessories that can help you make the most of using your computer. Restarting rebooting Your Computer If this does not work, press and hold the power button for about five seconds, then release it. Remove the thumbscrew using a screwdriver, coin, or your fingers. Adding Or Replacing Components Adding or Replacing Components This chapter provides information about adding or replacing components in your computer.

Gateway e-4000 Manuals

Important Do not use Gateway products in areas classified as hazardous locations. Page Gateway Micro Tower Case Swing the side panel toward the case until the release handle locks. CD or DVD using one drive: Type the keyword practice in the HelpSpot Search boxthen click the arrow.

You will reconnect the cables after you install the new drive.