Develop the Delivery You Want. General information regarding WebDriver can be found here. It is configured to wait at most 20 seconds. Sign up using Email and Password. We need to assure the application is started. Also showing below is the method of waiting for completion of page load before moving on. Creating a strategy that takes advantage of hybrid team models incorporating contracted team members with proven experience and skill sets, where in-house teams can also learn from external professionals, can be an effective approach.

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Webdrivr only submit wedbriver candidates who match the skill sets you require. To force GWT to produce id’s for your Widget elements: As you can see from the example, your code can focus on the actual test logic while handling the asynchronous nature of GWT applications seamlessly. Below I use Groovy code for the conciseness of using closures, but the same can be done in Java, though with a bit more code due to the need for anonymous classes.

We do this by trying to select the object using the class name.

Testing GWT apps in dev-mode with WebDriver

This is not required but is done to prevent clashes when working on several projects at the same time. Note that, if you find that a test fails under HtmlUnit but would not fail in a real browser, this will not be regarded as a SmartGWT bug. The actual steps are included as build plug-ins in the profile.


Atomist automates your software deliver experience. SSR 8, 2 23 Hopefully some of you find these tips useful.

Secondly, the FirefoxDriver implementation starts up an instance of Firefox with a profile called “WebDriver”. Before ; import org.

The examples are in Selenium, but they can be adapted to the corresponding wegdriver in WebDriver if you require them. This was true more of Selenium before 2. This is initialised using the code below.

That’s me – Suyog — Tests Gooood GWT by Google is a collection of tools that helps making applications running on web, more intuitive and responsive. It can be found here Read over the source code of our Selenium extensions to get a clear understanding of how the Selenium integration works, because this will be analogous to the work you’ll need to do Search the forums for other developers who are trying to use the same test tool with Smart GWT, and share efforts.

We help companies assess their sflenium, choose a new direction utilizing the talents of the team and resources most productively. Sign up using Facebook. GWT Widgets with html id at However, we continue to recommend Selenese rather than WebDriver-based Selenium, because Webdriver requires Java programming gat.

Testing GWT Apps with Selenium or WebDriver

Additionally, if you need to go back to an element in the main web page, you have to switch focus back to the default frame. Sign up using Email and Password. For the button it checks that it is actually visible when the button is removed, SmartGWT will hide it, not remove it from the DOM tree. Building Reactive Microservices in Java: TestRunner TestRunner is a system for automatically running a suite of Selenium tests, commiting the results to a database, and reporting any regressions or fixes via email.


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[webdriver] Automation of GWT application using Selenium – Grokbase

Migrating wendriver Microservice Databases. We also want to check that only only one command was sent to the server and that the other commands are queued for when the authentication is done.

These are really good instructions. I’m sure that restarting firefox between each test would be a bad idea – slooooow – in practice, I just wanted to try it to see that it worked: Pankhuri Mishra Feb 2, at 9: This is an abstract class which provides a number of different methods for interacting with the browser, such seleniu, The ApplicationDriver class looks like this: