Mark Collin Count is not valid as a locator, you are trying to do something that is not possible. Nov 8, at Different Types of Locators to identify UI elements aaau. Using click for clicking a button aafi. Using clear command to clear a text box field aaef. Mike Riley findElements By.

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At the moment, that specifically excludes IE, and may also exclude others. Only one test should be written inside a single test method aagh. So I’ll just point you to the specs which are, I think, the most useful resource: In order to match the checkboxes, try.

Using sendKeys command to browser a file aafh.

[selenium-users] Xpath for counting number of rows in a table (WebDriver)

Only one test should be written inside a single test method aabv. Refactoring the Selenium Automation Code aabs.

Identifying few sample real time tests for implementing the Refactoring concept aabt. Introduction to TestNG aagd. To xpatu to this group, send email to selenium-users googlegroups. Using click predefined method for selecting a check box option aabg. That said, your XPath is still wrong and doesn’t match both the checkboxes.


Steps to be automated: GetAttribut “type” if strType. Using isMultiple with a drop down field aafq. Using click command for deselecting a check box option aaen. XPath Optimization Strategy Three webriver If there is really nothing to distinguish find the first unique element from its siblings and add the index value to it aact. Locating different elements using a single CSS path aadm. Asha X;ath Hi All, It is not supporting size rather if we give getsize it will give the dimension.

Ask Tech Query Post Blogs. Perhaps if you justified that statement, it might be easier to understand.

Locate UI elements by ID aaaw. To view this discussion on the web visit https: In your case whatever would be xpath and “something” would be the XPath string you wish to use.

To post to this group.

[selenium-users] Xpath for counting number of rows in a table (WebDriver) – Grokbase

Using getTitle method for retrieving the Title of the page aabk. Using isEnabled ger find out whether the text box field is in enabled state or disabled state aaes. Using to combine XPath Statements aacp.


Introduction to JUnit aaai. Difference between close and quit Selenium WebDriver commands aaeh.

Using clear command to clear a Text Area field aaeg. Thanks for your reply,Here i want to check ‘saving’,’cash’. UI Design and UX. We have detected you are using Google Chrome and might be unable to use the Couunt plugin from this browser. Using isDisplayed to verify whether an element is available aabm.

Jim Evans I fail to see why getting the size of the collection returned by findElements won’t suit your purpose. Hello all, Do you know how to form an Xpath that counts the number of rows in a table, and read the value into WebDriver Java?