Ethernet interface physical id: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Those ipw modules are in the Debian contrib-repository. I have given another shot, and I have gotten much further, it seems that even though I did have the kernel headers installed for my kernel…. So cheers to all debian fanatics, fans!!!!! Find More Posts by eigernorth. Appreciate anyone can help out.

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If you get a result from both commands, then each of the drivers are loade and conflicting with each other. Thanks a lot, everyone.

Select your device and follow the direction on screen from here. It showed up as wlan0 and worked fine, so I just went back to my hard drive installation and undid all the things I did when I tried ipw3495 ipw driver. I have used the link given by Larry December 10 and it seems there is now no problem.

I thought the above entry in my apt sources would do the trick.

ipw [Aircrack-ng]

Keep in mind my way is for Debian Etch and tto, and doesn’t work on Ubuntu at all. SP, thank you so much for your points there. A similar if not the same error was mentioned earlier in the comments by SlowPoison here. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Last edited by eigernorth; at Hi there im having problems with my drivers aswell im trying to ipw3495 the drivers bt i get errors all the time this is what i did can anyone help me please?



instsll Numerous how-tos are around including on the wiki. Those ipw modules are in the Debian contrib-repository. It’s not that hard ; Or better, do a search for ipw in etch By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Let us know how it goes. I even took it to the local college for help, but they could not help either. Appreciate anyone can help out.

Sponsored Link while i’m using my dell d with an intel wireless card i have the following problems with hardy and the new iwl So post the forum link here if you still need help. Try lsmod grep iwl and lsmod grep ipw.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So, for these modules as with Nvidia cards you have to build the moduel. I know that it works with Ubuntu and Ubuntu is based on Debian. That should get you going. Then I blacklisted the iwl module and rebooted.


Polemical June 19, at I choose the easier way, not downloading a precompiled kernel from a third-party to update my etch to the latest. Nevermind my pleas, I have finally figured it all out, I reinstalled the kernel itself and everything including pdanet is up and working………glory be thy name, thank you all for putting uow with my questions, as well as answering them. I followed exactly the procedure to install ipw 1 I upgraded my Kernel to 2.

I used an online forum to help me compile the ipw driver similar to the directions above but instead uses checkinstall install make a debian package for easy install and removal.

Installing Intel Pro/Wireless ABG driver

You can force the build to continue by adding: Ok I tried using etch for a while but didn’t like it because it didn’t support my wireless card for my laptop. Uow a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Did you reboot using the new kernel after installing it?