If unsure how long the timeout is set for, check the value ocsp. The new ConfigDump Export and Audit tool is useful for change handling and auditing and is built and run from the command line using ant configdump. This is a minor release, fixing a performance issue with getCerts webservice call when a single user have lots of certificates, and also an issue with authorization in UserDataSource. Single Active Certificate Constraint has been added to Certificate Profiles, allowing for automatic revocation of old certificates, as new ones are issued. This was fixed and new test cases was added to the test suite. This is a patch release with several fixes and minor new features. Fear not, all is well – instead we felt that some of the work we’ve put in to the trunk should be made available as soon as possible.

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The scripts are safe and mssqql2000 not harm your computer in anyway. This has partly been implemented as a Validator which is run during certificate issuance or as a manual CLI tool which can be used by an RA administrator jssql2000 issuance. This is a maintenance release introducing two new features, foremost of which are Private Domains for the Certificate Transparency CT Protocol and a change in the behavior of the OCSP default responder.

Noteworthy changes – Certificate enrollment now works also with Safari and Chrome browsers. Many many minor features, improvements and bug fixes over issues are resolved for this release Known issues Other Rules for Supervisor role is not cleared is previously selected for another role type: Windows 7, Unix, ATG CLI for clearing caches.


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Known issues Cannot deploy with web-services disabled: It’s now also possible to select a subset of a users SubjectDN and SubjectAltName fields used in a particular kind of certificate. If you are using the hardtoken functionality on the HypersonicSQL database which you should not be doing in productionthe table must be removed and jbss.

This is a minor release but packed with new minor features and fixes, 41 issues have been resolved. If you do not want them to have this privilege you can disable it in Advanced mode in the edit privileges section of the admin GUI.

You can use the patch and manually replace the jar-files from the full distribution. This is a maintenance release with a few improvements and bug fixes. Some minor features and options and many bug fixes and stabilizations. One test failure on DB2: Noteworthy changes – Fixed XSS issues. This is a minor release, only backorting a fix done in 3.

Certificate expiration can now be configured to prevent expiration on specific week days. Additionally, the following feature has been introduced. Bug fixes for Internal Key Bindings. This, the first release ofis a minor release primarily geared towards optimization and stabilization of the 6. Noteworthy changes – Fixed failure to perform web browser enrollment with Internet Explorer. The biggest news in this release are support for EAC 2.


Together with all other improvements, bugfixes and security enhancements, this is a leap forward for EJBCA and many man years of work has gone into making this release. Some commands have had to undergo syntax changes, and they are as follows:.

JBoss 5.1 GA + MS SQL SERVER 2008 + windows 7 :Error preloading the connection poo

What now, another feature release so soon? In all 10 issues have been resolved. This release contains a minor security fix. We have also ramped up QA efforts for this release, which makes us confident to the stability of this release. N oteworthy changes – Now it is configurable which interface JBoss http service listens to, eases hardening.

We have primarily optimized GUI behavior in regard to cryptotokens referencing many keys, as well as sorted out some documentation issues. Administration UI A minor script injection vector has been plugged.

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On the theme of scares and frights, we’re sure that nobody missed the ROCA vulnerability that was made public this month. A minor regression introduced in 6. We are very proud of this release and recommend an upgrade.