Afterwards, restore the original libatasmart package again to not drag your system to a crawl in other situations:. No, it is not sent in e-mail so no need to have any e-mail configuration or so: I made changes at three locations: Additionally it seems to fix the similar problem I’ve had for a long time with my external flash-disk reader:. The latest upload of libatasmart fixes the issue for me.

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Looks like devicekit-disks is our problem. It’s not clear to me yet whether libatasmart does an invalid operation, or whether a valid operation triggers a kernel bug, so I keep both tasks open for now.

Forum – Jmicron JMB36x Driver under win last Update

Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Can you please do the same exercise again, with 0. This ends at linetimestamp Zitat Can I try with others driver or is only a waste of time? You know if it is possible?. Or is there any trick? No such file or directory of course the disk is plugged in and recognized i tried root ubuntu: Judging by the negative comments from Windows 7 and Vista users, Silicon Image seems like the better option.

All the USB drivers are built in now. New USB device strings: Because of this, I immediately over a year ago – and since then periodically contacted JMicron about this issue.


I use the last 1. You might try looking through the Linux kernel sources to see if the driver for the 88SE gives any clues as to how the chip works…. Generally there should be no difference – but in some situations, yes, there can be difference, depending on the USB or eSATA controller. I’d suggest to please try as you prefer to use for example eSATA – and if things are not jmiron, you may attempt to check on USB, just to verify if things are different in any ways. This is done the same way as with any other disk.

In my case, the problem dissolved when I downgraded the package gvfs to the jaunty version.

JMicron JMB Add-on Card AHCI mode « Blog

Option ROM not enabled by setting df[6], so the disks are not bootable. Martin Pitt pitti wrote on The one give me the errors only enumerates briefly, then gets reset and no longer shows up in lsusb. If it turns out that moving away jimcron udev rules file helps, please keep the drive plugged in, then do the following commands, and check dmesg after each one for the USB resets.


Define the content of the pm-notification here. I checked all the comments and duplicate bugs, and I saw several other occurrendes of d: I have read through this page and start to comprehend the edits needed.

After the next reboot the OS Win8. I assume that one or both of the data lines were not making contact. If I then rename the udev file to its old name and invoke one of the skdump commands the disk is unmounted.

PCI Express to 1394a OHCI and Memory Card Host Controller

Thanks in advance for your reply. However, when RAID array found, it is completely normal that all members of the array enumerated and displayed – before following the order of other disks as they follow in Windows Disk Management.

Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 9 Here the IDs: I use the newest daily version of karmic. This bug affects 22 people. The blacklisting works for me. Robert Willert webmaster-robinator wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.